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Product CodeWL/WKgAngle°LifespanDimensionsPower FactorIP Rating
AVI-14141401.88140º63,0001265 x 105 x 110mm>0.90IP65
AVI-14-E141402.38140º63,0001265 x 105 x 110mm>0.90IP65
AVI-14-S141402.38140º63,0001265 x 105 x 110mm>0.90IP65
AVI-14-E-S141402.38140º63,0001265 x 105 x 110mm>0.90IP65
AVI-20201402.18140º63,0001565 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-20-E201402.78140º63,0001565 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-20-S201402.75140º63,0001565 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-20-E-S201402.78140º63,0001565 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-36361402.87140º63,0001765 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-36-E361403.55140º63,0001765 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-36-S361403.55140º63,0001765 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-36-E-S361403.55140º63,0001765 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-43431402.18140º63,0001565 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-43-E431402.87140º63,0001565 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-43-S431402.87140º63,0001565 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65
AVI-43-E-S431402.87140º63,0001565 x 105 x 110mm >0.90IP65


Product Description

The Netzo Avium is a flexible luminaire ideal for carparks, walkways and corridors where you want to maximise energy efficiency. Each luminaire can have an integrated microwave sensor. Offering complete flexibility, you can adjust the sensor by area, daylight time and light level.

Additional information

available wattage

14W, 20W, 36W, 43W

available colours


available options

Dimmable, Emergency, Microwave Sensor

product applications

Car Parks, Commercial Properties, Hospitals, Hotels / Leisure, Residential Buildings, Retail, Schools

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